Last night, I walked into my son’s room and asked how his day went. He proceeded to describe how tedious, long and annoying it was.  He was stranded; it was cold and ended up having to work an extra four hours. As I looked at him, tired, beaten, shoveling food in his mouth, my heart ached and I wished, like I had so many times before, to fix his world, to make it where he would not have to struggle or suffer.  But that is not reality, is it? So I said, “Oh my son, this is why I have always insisted on the importance of an education. This is why I stressed to you and your sister get through school, so that neither of you would ever have to work just for working, so that you always have options, so that you love what you do.”  He looked down, and I continued…

“Honey, if you would listen to me, do what I tell you and trust me, things would be better for you.  You were cold today because you forgot your sweater, you forgot your sweater because you had to rush out and in this mess you cannot find anything. My son, clean your room, get ready the night before, and like that when a situation arises you will be prepared & you won’t struggle as much. And when life tosses you around, you can withstand the wind”

That, like I said, was last night, it took me more than 12 hours for me to see, really see, the lesson in that conversation. The lesson for me, the lesson for us, that God wanted me to see.  Yeah, yeah, it took me awhile, it usually does, and God is working on me with that.  He is soo loving and patient.

God: “My child listen to me, take heed of my Word, my advice, my instructions.  Clean your room (your heart, your mind).Be prepared at all times to with stand the enemy. Remember he prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to destroy you. (1 Peter 5:8)  How do you do that?  Spend time with me, pray, praise me.  Arm yourself with my Word, (Ephesians 6), fill yourself and grow your faith with My promises, I put them there for you.  Look to the cross, and what We did for you, so that you can understand how much I love you. Believe my Word, so that when, not if, the enemy strikes, you lose your job, your bills are piling up, your friend betrays you, (it’s not a betrayal if it’s not from someone you love, but that is another blog), your spouse acts up and your kids are running a muck, when those fiery darts come at you, you can fight them, you can stay at peace. My child, hope & know that I am with you, even to the end of time. (Matthew 28:20)  I have and always will extend My grace to you when you fall. I am always extending My hand to you, ready to lift you up, just take My hand. I promise you that My way, although not devoid of struggles and pain, is worth it and what I offer you, no one can take away. What I speak to you, what I give you, no one else has to understand it, just do it.”

So here is my prayer, that in the same manner we hope and pray that the words we say to our children somehow and some way gets ingrained into their subconscious and that they respond accordingly, I pray, that His word falls on me, on us and that we are good soil (Luke 8:15), on which His word is nurtured and grows stubbornly in spite of anything and anyone. I pray that we all look to the lessons we try to teach our children and use them on ourselves. Amen.

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6 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Beautiful

  2. Wow!! Mama this was very powerful!! You are so right that is why we are the children of God!! Notice he never says adults lol thank God!! I loved the way you told Jacob everything that the Lord tells us!! The Lord is faithful full of grace, love and peace! Thank God He Loves us so! Thank you for sharing it was great, I loved it !! Keep sharing 🙂 Love always Lillian Nardone

  3. Amazing!!

  4. Good Job!

  5. These words are beautiful! The written promises of God woven into this message that inspires, motivates and tells us… “it will be okay” whatever challenge we are facing. Love the way you show this!

  6. Comment..you are amazing, that’s why you are my friend, I’m very proud to have you in my life, God always bless you and your family, and all of us, because we always hold his hands, and he guided us…God bless you

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