Birthday Prayer


God, thank You. Thank you for the gift of another year of life. #44, I offer to you. I dedicate this year to You. To knowing You more. To deepening our relationship and trusting You blindly. Lord, thank You for everything, for the answered prayers and for the ones left unanswered, where You directed me to better. I am thankful for Your concern for me. You have always been concerned for me, guiding & providing in all my need. Like, Paul, I am learning to be happy with all I have, how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I can do all things through You, because You give me strength. (Phil. 4-10-13)

Lord, thank You for faith, Your Word, Your Spirit and Your love. Thank You for never giving up on me, no matter how many times I offended You by my words, thoughts and actions, You never left me, I can see that now. Thank you.

Thank You for my husband, Daniel, thank You for bringing this wonderful man into my life. I know now why it did not work out before, because this man, You prepared for me, equipped by You to love, cherish and support me, so that I may soar. Our relationship, friendship, marriage has blessed us in so many ways.  I pray that You would bless him with unshakeable faith, light and peace. That You would rebuke satan for his sake, so that NO weapon formed against him prospers. I pray that You would release in him an overflow of joy. That You answer his prayers in a remarkable way and that Your word and love will be imprinted in his heart so that he may live in victory and in favor all the days of his life.

Thank You for my children, they have blessed my life in immeasurable ways. Through them, You taught me the depth and width of real love and dedication. Through them, You showed me my strength and endurance. I had to be, for them. I pray that You would bless them eternally to walk in the path of favor. That they make wise decisions that honor You and bless their lives. I pray that forever You would guide them, protect them, and grace them with Your Presence so that they lack no good thing.  I love my kid’s soooo much and Your love for us is greater, Lord I am awed!!

Thank You for my parents, for the love, support and wisdom they impart to me. Lord, may You bless them with good health, answered prayers and long life.

Thank You for my siblings, my first tribe, that each and every one of their needs is met in exceptional ways. That You would floor them with YOUR great mercy, grace and favor. I pray that their children, my amazing nieces and nephews, walk under Your loving guidance and protection.

Thank You for my friends, the ones who through time and shared struggles and laughter have become family. I pray that You would breathe life into hopes and dreams, dry tears and mend hearts.

Lord, thank You for the work that You have given me, the work of the world, through which You provide for my family but much, much more, Lord, I thank You for the work for Your kingdom. I thank You that daily You give me a yearning to speak and spread the truth of Your loving kindness. I pray for more ways in which to reach people so that YOU may transform hearts and lives.

Lord, I pray that You would restore to me the health of my youth, so that I can continue to serve with compassion, love and wisdom in fulfilling Your vision. Lord, I pray that my legacy will be of the evidence of Your redemptive love at work in and through me.


Lord, I have experienced so much joy and hope in my walk with You. I am a blessed woman. Happy Birthday to me, Jackeline Filion-Pino. In Jesus Name, Amen.  

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4 thoughts on “Birthday Prayer

  1. Amen, May God continue to bless you always.

  2. Jackie your prayers are a blessing to me. You speak to the Lord so beautifully. You express your petitions with the perfect detail. Things that I think of but cannot put into words. Thank you my sister

  3. Happy birthday sweetie, D and I are out having dinner and I showed him your blog he loved it!!! Have a blessedday hugs and kisses

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